At Vikarah, we believe that the skill of formulating is an "Ancient Science" rather than simply a craft. The expertise of ancient science of formulating starts right from the selection of base ingredients (unrefined butter, beeswax, pure carrier oils, hydrosols) to the additives (herbs, flowers, seeds, clays, essential oils, vegetables & fruits) where you know the quality, purity, and freshness of each ingredient. 

We use formulations prescribed in the ancient texts which is a mastery of herbal mixtures and synergies (Sanyoga). At Vikarah, we understand the interactions of the ingredients to heighten their efficiency which are;

     •  VayaSthapana (Anti-aging)

       Varnya (Imparting youthful glow and lustre to your skin & hair)

       Sandhaniya (Protecting your skin & hair from normal wear and tear)

       Shothahara (Anti-inflammatory)

       Tvachya (Beneficial to skin & hair health) 

Each batch of the product is then hand-blended in small batches in our cottage, in-line with the long and rigorous process as prescribed in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations. The healing properties of the ALIVE botanicals in our products are magnified by the continuous chanting of ancient Mantras during the entire making-process, that evokes a complete sensorial experience. 

Time – is a crucial ingredient that goes into all our formulations, provoking life into Vikarah; for impactful, visible and tangible results in your daily skin and hair care ritual.